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  • Merge

    We are proud to announce that on 16.4.2012 Dragon-Network will start process of merging 2 servers into 1, Infinite Nightmare with Dragon server.

  • Unique experience

    Over 3000 players, Huge PvP/PvE tournaments every weekend with generous rewards. Active and helpful GM-s with active updates every week.
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  • New clan events

    Big BOOST events every weekend for NEW CLANS available, claim reward for Your clan today!
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  • Newbies Boost

    NEW players will have EXTRA boost.Start Your adventure even more easier NOW!

You want to join DN servers?

Make sure you have downloaded the High 5 client.
You can get it from here:here or here (please avoid using IE as you may encounter some problem while extracting)

Go register your account here (REMEMBER your secret questions and keep it safe!)

Download this patch:
(After patching, please do a FULL CHECK before entering the game) or grab a whole package from here

** IMPORTANT NOTICE: do not try to log with any of 3rd party software nor try to mess up with the client, you will be AUTO blocked.

How to install and patch correctly :

  1. Download High 5 client
  2. Install the game (example: C:\Program Files\Lineage 2 )
  3. Download DN patch
  4. Extract patch into Lineage 2 folder where you installed the game
  5. RUN the patch DragonNetwork (as administrator ; right click on the icon run as administrator)
  6. In DragonNetwork Loader press FULL CHECK button, wait for files to be downloaded and then enter the game once everything is downloaded

A small description of our servers:

Dragon x15

A server most populated and server who brought a glory to DN. Oldest server on whole Dragon-Network, huge community, many active GM-s. Server reserved for hardcode PvP players and players who want to bring their glory on Hero level, because on this server hero status really does matter! If you choose this server you will understand why Dragon-Network is one of top servers around and you will understand how agressive it is, thats why make sure you always look at your back before its too late!

Arena x200

Most hardcore server, fast exp,fast sp,fast levels! No long grinding, pure joy and hardcore play! Tons of customisation. Very helpfull staff and skilled GM-s will make your stay at Arena really interesting and you will see a Lineage 2 never seen before. If you are searching for something different from what you tried so far, this is the right server for you!