Dragon-community Lineage II - Server status
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  • Merge

    We are proud to announce that on 16.4.2012 Dragon-Network will start process of merging 2 servers into 1, Infinite Nightmare with Dragon server.

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    Over 3000 players, Huge PvP/PvE tournaments every weekend with generous rewards. Active and helpful GM-s with active updates every week.
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    Big BOOST events every weekend for NEW CLANS available, claim reward for Your clan today!
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Dragon-community Lineage II - Updates
  • [2018/08/06]
    No CTRL keypress required during a ClanWar
    Reduced bosses level penality on droprate (based on level difference) (now you will have better droprate even if the boss is more than 2 levels under you)
    Vitality rate increased
    Increased the minimum distance between shops from 20 to 30
    Fixed a lock/crash bug during trades, please report on forum if you still have it
    Fixed other bugs and crashes
    There will be another maintenance in the evening with additional updates, final changelog will be published too.